Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Tiffany Inspired Silver Jewelry The inspirational punch!

A simple word ‘Tiffany’ itself is an inspiration for the world of fashion and designs. Just more than a name it is a living example and proof that how brands laid the base stone for one entire range of fashion, passion and desires of the humans. Tiffany is a jewelry store, who came up with endless designs and fashion which remembered the past, pro lived in the present and investment, and prediction for the future. This same fact inspired a Hollywood legend Audrey Hepburn to make a film. Since 19th century Tiffany started with its astonishing collection of marvelous silver sterling jewelry, which inspired the entire industry.
The original store opened in New York, named Tiffany & Young was inaugurated in 1837. Another famous Tiffany blue made its first appearance at the end of the same year. In 1851, Tiffany captured the entire market of sterling silver jewelry. The team with original and well known designer’s team unified the pure silver, Zinc, nickel and rarely Copper also. Their unique combination of unexpected turned the market towards them. The jewelry they made was literally didn’t lost their shine and charisma. The goodwill of the company mounted as high as the Everest.
Their silver rings, pendants, necklaces... etc…just kept on rocking for longer period of time. All jewelry which people brought from there turned in to the asset which transferred from generations to generations. Till that period silver jewelry was a jewelry that lost its shine and literally black faced by limited period of time. But Tiffany just changed the entire status and belief about silver for centuries. So without any doubt Tiffany just changed the status of Silver. That was a major set back for Gold in that period of time. In fact Gold recovered well to maintain its dominance in the market of common people, but the fact that the cheapness and affordability of Silver + the arrival of Tiffany just changed the entire complexion of the time being.
Stylish women will love it; passionate women will get mad about it. It becomes a slogan all around the world. The elegance and beauty of Tiffany jewelry attracted large number of celebrities to wear it for their special occasions. It just turned on the heat, more and more people got attracted to it and all the designs which Tiffany came out with became hit and super hit.

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